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Student Life

Opportunities Beyond Academics!

Our co-scholastic activities provide an opportunity for students to socialise and work as a team with their peers. It is a window for creative expression that fuels collaboration & improves self esteem.

Physical Education Curriculum

Our purpose driven PE classes pursue a Physical Education Curriculum that considers the developmental needs of different age groups, right from Pre-School to High-School. The curricula focuses on physical skills, fitness, structured sports advancement, strategic thinking and team work. This progressive approach to PE helps every student attain their physical potential and improve their fitness levels. Every sport is taught with a level based progressive approach. It is a true integration of body mind and soul.

Professional Sports Coaching

Physical Education is an integral part of our curricula as it promotes balanced individual development.

In addition to health and fitness, we attach equal importance to developing skills, learning to work in teams, building leadership and personal growth, critical thinking and problem solving. Many students have a natural flair and talent to excel in sports. So we provide them with an opportunity to opt for Professional Coaching of a Sport of their choice in the after school hours at a nominal charge.

Our associate sports organisations render Professional Coaching services for sports like Cricket, Badminton, Karate, Volleyball, Table Tennis & Chess. The coaching helps us identify innate talent in our students and groom it to compete at State & National Levels. Our students also compete regularly in our Inter-School & Intra-School Competitions.


Student Clubs

The clubs and societies at our school offer a multitude of vocational and recreational alternatives for students to choose from.

Starting with the Magazine Editorial, Photography Club, Visual Arts Society, Performing Arts Society, Community Welfare Society, Nature Society, all of them are purpose driven and have a clear role to play in our school community. Every club is headed by a different department and engages its students in activities that build their organisational and planning skills.

Student Achievement

Healthy competitive spirit fosters self-improvement & self-respect. It is an integral part of personality development.

We endorse our students’ participation in various competitions conducted by other schools, government & public institutions because we understand the value of the exposure they gain. In addition to that, our annual Intra-School Competitions in the field of Sports, Science, Arts and more, build a healthy spirit for competition among students of our different branches. Various extra curricular and co-curricular competitions provide a platform for our students to asses their performance amongst a larger group of fellow peers from different branches. Our aim is to imbibe competitive spirit among our students and a zeal to excel in multiple areas.

The Houses

Our school has four proud houses each represented by one element, colour and animal mascot. 

The houses gain points throughout the year for their conduct, performance and participation in service, sports, visual arts, performing arts and activities. The students vote their house cabinet at the start of every academic year.

A/V Technology

National Cadet Corps (NCC)

We are working towards implementing the National Cadet Corps Program in our School. The application in under process.

The aim behind implementing the NCC programme at Janapriya School is to develop the discipline, character, brotherhood, and the spirit of adventure and ideals of selfless service amongst our students. The NCC training ignites the leadership qualities among the youth who will serve the Nation regardless of which career they choose.

The students who enrol and partake in the NCC program get certified at the end of their training. The benefits of NCC certification are many. Education Institutions in India, of all standards, give NCC certification special weightage and are obligated to cater a quota for student applicants with such prestigious certification. We are working towards bringing such a rewarding opportunity to our students to help them secure that extra advantage in their future endeavours.

In few words...

Our community-minded approach to education draws the distinction. We strive to balance the importance of social, emotional, physical, and intellectual development of our students, to shape them into diligent global citizens.

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In few words...

Our community-minded approach to education draws the distinction. We strive to balance the importance of social, emotional, physical, and intellectual development of our students, to shape them into diligent global citizens.

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© 2002 – 2023, Janapriya Education Society. All rights reserved.

© 2002 – 2023, Janapriya Education Society. All rights reserved.

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